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How to make thermocouple


A ONE UNION CO., LTD. has been specializing in manufacturing/selling thermocouple and resistance bulb since established in 1984. We are good at integrating the advantage of various materials when assembling, producing, and processing in order to supply our customers the best quality and low-cost accessories, including technology exchange and experience sharing. We hope that any one who works with A ONE UNION is competitive with others in the market.


A ONE UNION would like to counsel on production and technology to anyone who is interested in producing, assembling, and processing in thermocouple and resistance bulb. We can also introduce or purchase the instruments for you in order to reinforce the production technology and achieve the excellent turnover.


Thermocouple Heads, Protection Tubes, Sleeves, RTD Resistance Bulb, Thermocouple Bare Wire, Thermocouple Extension Wire, MI Cable, Components for Probes, Stainless Steel and Copper screws/nuts/accessories, etc.


  Hands-on-Thermocouple/Resistance Bulb/Probes
Model No A-106 F0.6KXH-GAB/CU-5/16'' × 24T-1M
Application Plastics Extrusion Machine

MAX 200℃
Material Copper Tube, Screw, SUS-braided Thermocouple wire
Model No NR-31B
Application Surface Temperature Measurement

MAX 400℃
Material Coiled-Wire, Bakelite-Handle, Plastic-Stopper, Sensor-head
Model No T7-K3.2-1-J2-360/300-610-17
Application High-temperature Kiln

MAX 1200℃
Material Ceramic Tube, Thermocouple Bare Wire, Insulators, Sleevings, Sleeves, TL-2PC
Model No R8-PT100-1-5-100-304-TF-2M-M8
Application Various Temperature Instruments

Temperature Range:-200 ~ 600℃
Material PT100 Elements, Screw, Screw-nut, Spring, Stainless Steel Tube, RTD Wire

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