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Galileo Color-Ball Thermometer

“Galileo Color-Ball thermometer” is artistic, novel, practical product. This product not only indicates the temperature, but also decorates home, office, conference rooms.

This item is made by cylinder glass tube, several color balls and inertial liquid. It’s environmentally friendly. The liquid of color balls are colorful, but harmful. The principle is to use the liquid’s sensitivity to buoyancy and tension to make the balls go up and down when the temperature is changing. The lowest floating ball indicates the ambient temperature.

The temperature range is 10℃ ~ 40℃ according to the zone difference. The temperature difference per ball can be 1℃ or 2℃, 2℉ or 4℉ for option. The color and quantity of balls can be also customized.

1. The liquid in the cylinder is hydrocarbon, which is no harmful to human being. But it must keep the fire away.
2. In order to keep the accuracy, please do NOT place it under the sunlight or close to heat sources.
3. If the glass is broken, please put on gloves and clean the fluid and glass with a cloth.
4. This is not a toy; Please keep childred away.

Item no.

Temp. range Q’ty of ball Temp. unit Size Q’ty per CTN


8℃ ~ 32℃ 13 pcs 2℃ Dia. 40mm x 260mm H. 10pcs / CTN


14℃ ~ 32℃ 10 pcs 2℃ Dia. 50mm x 440mm H. 10pcs / CTN


18℃ ~ 28℃ 6 pcs 2℃ Dia. 50mm x 330mm H. 10pcs / CTN


16℃ ~ 34℃ 10 pcs 2℃ Dia. 58mm x 600mm H. 8pcs / CTN


16℃ ~ 32℃ 9 pcs 2℃ Dia. 47mm x 450mm H. 12pcs / CTN


18℃ ~ 30℃ 7 pcs 2℃ Dia. 47mm x 340mm H. 12pcs / CTN


18℃ ~ 32℃ 8 pcs 2℃ Dia. 37mm x 340mm H. 20pcs / CTN


18℃ ~ 30℃ 7 pcs 2℃ Dia. 37mm x 280mm H. 30pcs / CTN


18℃ ~ 26℃ 5 pcs 2℃ Dia. 25mm x 180mm H. 50pcs / CTN

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