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About Us
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A ONE UNION CO., LTD. was established since 1984. "Sincerity, Mutual aid, Benevolence, and Modesty" are our basic operation principles. Our turnover is growing every year. We are proud to say that we are the leader in this field. However, we are not satisfied with it. We are doing our best to research and develop the products, and reduce the cost. It makes our products popular all over the world.

Our continuous efforts since September 2001 since 2000. It gives customers more confidence that all of our products.

Our main products are as follows:
THERMOCOUPLE & RESISTANCE BULB, SCR PHASE CONTROLLER, TEMPERATURE TRANSMITTER, TEMPERATURE PROBE, TEMPERATURE EXTENSION WIRE, ETC. We also supply their accessories and parts, equipments as well to other suppliers in this field. Furthermore, we supply trading companies with "OEM" mode.

We know the market conditions. Regarding other relative products, such as DIGITAL THEMRMOMETER, TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER, STAINLESS STEEL TUBE, CARTRIDGE HEATER, INFRARED CERAMIC HEATERS, ETC., we can specially serve our customers' needs.

In accordance to the above, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will do our best to serve you immediately.

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5F, No. 99, Sec. 3, Nangang Road., Nangang District, Taipai City 115 63, Taiwan
TEL : +886-2-27882828  FAX : +886-2-27882727
URL : www.aone.com.tw