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LASER Welding Foundry
LASER Welding Machine HL-200W
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A ONE Union Co., Ltd. has introduced a fine LASER Automatic Welding Machine since Oct. 2012 in order to reinforce and increase the production technology. With this machine, any products produced by our company will be more stable and artistic. Meanwhile, we also provide customers with OEM laser welding to assist customers solving the problems which the traditional technology can’t be solved.

Introduction of LASER Welding Machine
LASER Welding Machine is using the high energy pulsed LASER to weld objects. Due to the high energy and density from LASER pulse, it can make the welding job smoothly, neat, even, and has thin welding seam and less Heat Affected Zone. The work is somehow the traditional technology couldn’t reach.

Suitable for various kinds of metal
Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Gold, Silver, Alloy … etc. It’s possible for the same material welding or different kinds of material welding. Spot welding, Line Welding, Circle Welding, etc.


Thermocouple sensors, electrical elements, fine machinery, Hardware, Ironware… etc.


  • LASER Welding can work on the think material and fine parts by using different kinds of welding methods, such as spot welding, butt welding, lap welding, seal welding… etc.
  • LASER has a precise and adjustable power, a better proportion of depth and width on the welding seam, and less Heat Affected Zone. Therefore, the welding speed is fast.
  • Welding seam is neat and even without air hole. The material tenacity remains unchanged after welding.
  • Current wave can be adjusted randomly. It’s suitable on various metal and alloy.

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