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Reach Micro Processor Temperature Controller

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Basic Features
  • Multi-input and multi-range performance.
  • Includes a new processing system, Expert PID, remarkably improved PID control efficiency; overshoot and undershoot are controlled effictively.
  • The Keylock function can avoid erroneous operation resulting from set values or parameter settings.
  • High/Low alarm available as basic features.

Opton Function
  • Programmable 2 pattrens 8 segments.
  • SSR zero cross & SCR phase angle gate trigger driver for single phase and three phase.
  • Communication RS-232 / RS-485 for master to slave transmission.
  • Retransmission & Remote SV.
  • 3 wire open loop circuit servo motor control output.
  • Timer keep setting 00.00Hr~99.95 Hrs. For PV=SV point.


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