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Control and applied loading:

Product series W5   W5 series
 Control SP  Single-phase angle control
SZ  Single-phase zero crossing control
TP  Three-wire three-phase angle control
TZ  Two-wire three-phase zero crossing control
ZZ  Three-wire three-phase zero crossing control
 Main power voltage 1V  110VAC (Only for single-phase power source)
4V  200~480VAC
 Normal rated current 030  30A
045  45A
060  60A
080  80A
100  100A
125  125A
150  150A
180  180A
230  230A
300  300A
380  380A
450  450A
580  580A
720  720A


 Auxilarty power source code 1  1Φ110VAC
2  1Φ220VAC
 Input signal code 0  0~5VDC
1  1~5VDC
2  2~10VDC
3  0~10VDC
4  4~20mA
5  0~20mA
M  Manual adjustment
*  Special
 Buffering time code C  Buffering time 2 seconds (Zero-crossing type product)
J  Adjustable buffering time, 1~22 seconds (Phase-angle type
 Special code TF  Industive reactance type loading
CL  Limited current type
CV  Fixed voltage type


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