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    Outline descriptions:

    Installation and ambient conditions:
  • When the power regulator is operating, the heat will be generated automatically. Please install the system vertically and leave some empty space on two sides to aviod the temperature inside the regulator rising continuously.There must be some ventilation holes on the control box. Please follow the principle of hard air rising to intall the ventilation holes or estra cooling fans.Please avoid installing the regulator in the place with high temperature or poor ventilation. Otherwise, the maximum operating capacity must be set lower than 70% of the nominal capacity.Avoid installing the regulator in the places with heavy water evaporation, acid, alkaline, or corrosive air.Ambient humidity: below 90% RH (no condensation)
  • Ambient temperature: -10-45℃

Normal rated capacity %

The above numbers are based on the conditions of no erosion, no greasy dirt, and no cover on the heat sink and following the recommended installation guides based on the principle of heat transfer.

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